• Festival Lumiere Lyon 2021

    Festival Lumiere Lyon 2021

    L’Immagine Ritrovata, L’Image Retrouvée and Éclair Classics are attending the Marché du Film Classique at the Festival Lumière in Lyon with a own booth in the exhibition area at MIFC village (October 9th – 17th 2021).

    We’ll be also present at Festival Lumière with the following restored title:


    MEURTRE A MONTMARTRE (Gilles Grangier - 1957) 

    400 COUPS (Francois Truffaut - 1959)

    LA MORT DE BELLE (Edouard Molinaro - 1961)

    JUDEX - Ep 1-12 (Louis Feuillade, 1916)

    SOLO (Jean-Pierre Mocky - 1969)

    AU DELÀ DES GRILLES (René Clément - 1949)

    MILLENNIUM MAMBO (Hsiao-Hsien Hou - 2001)

    LO CHIAMAVANO TRINITÀ' (Enzo Barboni - 1970)

    GAS OIL (Gilles Grangier - 1955) 

    SALTO NEL VUOTO (Marco Bellocchio - 1980)

    DUE SOLDI DI SPERANZA (Renato Castellani - 1951)

    THE CAMERAMAN (Buster Keaton - 1928)

    ECHEC AU PORTEUR (Gilles Grangier - 1958) 

    LES BAS-FONDS (Jean Renoir - 1936)

    LA LOI DU NORD (Jacques Feyder - 1939)

    BELLE EQUIPE (Julien Duvivier - 1936)

    CHRONIQUE D'UN ETE (Jean Rouch, Edgar Morin - 1961)

    INFERNAL AFFAIRS (Andrew Lau, Alan Mark - 2002)

    INFERNAL AFFAIRS II (Andrew Lau, Alan Mark - 2003)

    INFERNAL AFFAIRS III (Andrew Lau, Alan Mark - 2003) 

    SALADIN (Youssef Chahine - 1963)


    The full programme is available online at Festival Lumière.

  • IR wins the Udine FEFF Golden Mulberry Award

    IR wins the Udine FEFF Golden Mulberry Award

    We are pleased to announce that the Far East Film Festival 23 has decided to award L'Immagine Ritrovata with the 2021 Golden Mulberry Award for Lifetime Achievement, a precious acknowledgment to the courageous bet of the Italian laboratory of putting down roots in the heart of the "Far East" by giving birth to L'Immagine Ritrovata Asia in Hong Kong, a branch that has allowed the FEFF and many other institutions to restore film masterpieces to their original beauty and stop them from disappearing forever.

    The annual ceremony took place in Udine on July the 2nd.